Children’s Sermons

2018 Children’s Sermons

09-09-18 – “How Steady is God’s Love for His Children? – Children’s message”  Sermon is here:

06-10-18 – “Babies and Born Again Christians? – Children’s Sermon”  Sermon is here:

03-11-18 – “How is a traffic light like The Bible? – Children’s Message”  Sermon is here:


2017 Children’s Sermons

10-08-17 – “Women that are Superheroes of Faith  – Children’s Sermon”  Sermon is here:

09-24-17 – “Being Ready for The Return of Jesus Christ – Children’s Message”  Sermon is here:

08-27-17 – “Jesus Washes Away Our Sin  – Children’s Sermon”  Sermon is here:

08-13-17 – “What Do We Actually Do with God in Prayer?  – Children’s Sermon”  Sermon is here:


2016 Children’s Sermons

Thumbnail-Psalms-51-God-Saves-Us-through-Baptism-Chldrens-Sermon-image01-10-16 – “God Saves Us through Baptism in Water & through His Scripture – Children’s Sermon”  Sermon is here:

2015 Children’s Sermons

11-29-15 – “The Reason for Jesus’ First Coming and Birth”  Sermon is here:

05-10-15 – “How You Can Give Thanks To Your Mom – Mothers Day”  Sermon is here:

03-08-15 – “How God Can Protect You from Fears and Problems”  Sermon is here:

02-08-15 – “God’s Forgiveness of Our Sins”  Sermon is here:

01-25-15 – “Share Good Words Only”  Sermon is here:

01-11-15 – “Asking God for Wisdom”  Sermon is here:



2014 Children’s Sermons

09-28-14 – “Drawing Near To God”  Sermon is here:

09-14-14 – “God Calling You, Just like a Friend Would”  Sermon is here:

08-31-14 – “Run The Race Toward Christ and Not Toward Earthly Pleasures”  Sermon is here:

08-24-14 – “Abba Father is With His Children Forever” Sermon is here:

08-10-14 – “Keeping God At The Center of Your Heart”  Sermon is here:



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