WMIE 91.5 Radio show – Chart & Compass Ministries

Chart & Compass Ministries LogoChrist Lutheran Cape Canaveral began their Radio Show  Ministry the first week of March 2014.  It is called Chart & Compass Ministries and click here to see the separate page we have for the Ministry.

Tune into the show from 12:30 to 1:00 PM on  Mondays to get your Monday and week off to a great start!


Video Sermons and More

Video Sermons and MoreSearch for any topic that is challenging or of recent importance to you on our Newly redesigned database, Christ Lutheran Church website.  Whether it be hearing an entire 20 to 30 minute Sermon on the topic, or by simply finding the answer to a topic, via a 10 minute Video or MP3 clip, the goal of this newly redesigned website is this;  Enable you to look up a Topic, perhaps in a word or slang that is used in our current culture, and not found in a Strong’s Concordance, so that you can hear one of Pastor Greg’s Sermons, give you a clear Biblical explanation of what Scripture tells us about that topic.

However, please NOTE: The site is new, and the Sermon keyword and categories are being completed and will be forthcoming.  As of now, we have many of the Sermons keyword logged and tagged, but it will take until September to complete all the Sermon indexing and keywording.

Thank you for your understanding.


Food Bank Ministry

foodbank_iconThe Food Bank ministry serves individuals and families in the Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach area. We receive food from Church members, visitors, business organizations, neighbors and Second Harvest Food Bank. Our Food Bank is operated by volunteers who receive annual training which allows us also to participate in the Government Issue food program. We are open on the Second Thursday of each month from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon. We would love to be able to provide this service to individuals at other times or on additional days, but in order for the program to work and continue, our volunteers are only available at this time on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to serving you with the guidance and supervision of Jesus Christ Our Savior!


Ladies Luncheon  Ministry

ladiesluncheon_iconOn the second Saturday of every month, the ladies of Christ Lutheran Church Cape Canaveral meet together at a local restaurant for food, fellowship and fun. The Ladies Luncheon provides members, visitors and friends an opportunity to become better acquainted with one another and to help each other grow in the love of Christ. We make a special effort to invite other neighbors and friends as guests, especially those who do not yet have a church home.


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Surfing with Christ Ministry

Surfing with Christ Ministry icon

STARTED ON October 14th!

We officially started the Ministry on Monday October 14th , 2013, with Naomi (Pastor’s daughter),  Pastor and Myself.  Very small choppy, non-ideal waves, yet, we got it done!  Naomi stood up on a few waves, one for 30 to 50 feet 🙂  Pastor , also caught a few waves and stood up.  Our next outing will be when we have something rideable and when we can all have the same day to go, be it a Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

It had been my desire, to teach teens and tweens to surf, to enjoy an incredible gift that God provides with the Sun, Surf and Spirit.  We at Christ Lutheran Church, look forward to providing instruction and guidance for those between the ages of 10 and 14,  into the Wonderful Sport of Surfing.  And amongst the company, of other Christians and Surfing Fellowship.  We had hoped to start the Ministry off, in July or early August, but that’s okay, now we have the equipment, or maybe one more surfboard is neeeded 🙂

And we will also pray, that as the past two Years have been, plentiful of fun and rideable waves for teaching and progressing! 🙂


Prayer Tree  Ministry

prayertree_iconIf you are experiencing tragedy, a very painful situation, have committed a sin that your guilt is to great to deal with on your own, or for many other possible reasons, then the Prayer Tree Ministry is waiting for your call.

The Prayer Tree is a phone prayer chain made up of members and friends of Christ Lutheran Church. We pray to God in praise, make requests and give thanks. Chairman calls each “branch” of the tree. Each “branch” leader then calls the second member of his/her “branch” and before long a large group of people are supporting the prayer request.

As a “branch”, you pray in your home, car, on the beach, at work, etc. Besides the special requests, we include prayers for our country’s leaders on all levels, our pastor and church officers and each other. We thank God for the gift of this power-filled tool.

Call Ph: 321.783.3303 or leave a message at church if after hours. The Ministry Team Leader will then call the first person of each Branch to pass along the prayer request.

The Ministry receives on average, 4 calls per month.


Nursing Home Friendship Visitation  Ministry

nursinghome_iconMake a difference in the lives of the residents at the Health Center of Merritt Island! If you would like to participate in this ministry, team members may choose to visit weekly or bi-weekly. Meet with Robin Heron, the Activities Director for orientation. We look forward to your help in bringing the healing touch of Christ to those who are in need. Questions or comments about the Nursing Home Visitation Team may be directed to Beth Le Sieur at 704-3500.


Sea Salters Seafarers  Ministry

SeaSalters Seafarers Ministry iconThis ministry began February 2009. Members and friends of Christ Lutheran prepare a meal and bring it to the Seafarer’s Ministry in Cape Canaveral for sailors and cruise crew members from all over the world visiting our port. We sit down to share the meal with them, socialize and hopefully also share a good word about our Lord Jesus Christ! At this time, we meet and serve lunch the 4th Saturday, every two months. For information about participating in this wonderful outreach, please speak with The Church. Ph: 321.783.3303


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Youth Group Ministry

Youth Group Ministry iconPlease contact the church office if you would like to become involved with our Youth Group. Ph: 321.783.3303






Sandsifters  Ministry

Sandsifters Ministry iconThis ministry began on January 24th, 2009! The first showing had 17 Members and Friends of Christ Lutheran gathered at Taylor Avenue to help clean up the beach. We generally have two groups, that car pool from the Church to our cleanup locations. Reunited, we enjoyed great fellowship, desserts and make a Christian sand sculpture. Thanks to all who participated and we look forward to many more outings in the near future!

We just had a Luau, back on Sunday April 14th 2013, which took place after our Sandsifters beach cleanup.  Satisfaction of cleaning our gift of a beach, and then Great Appetizers  of all kinds back at a feast at the Church, for our Luau.  Come join us next time!


 Acts Of Kindness (A.O.K.)  Ministry

Random Acts of Kindess Ministry iconThe Acts of Kindness Ministry  reaches out with the love of Christ to do a good deed to our neighbors. Teams of 2-7 persons get together once a month to search out and do an act of kindness to someone in need and so, in the process, bring glory to our Father in heaven. (Mt. 5:16) This ministry also teaches us to look for opportunities of doing good to those around us every day of our lives. To get involved, contact the church (783-3303).


Fishing Team  Ministry

Fishing Team Ministry icon - The Ministry is on Hold for right nowThe Fishing Team Ministry is ON HOLD FOR RIGHT NOW. It would normally meet on the 3rd Saturday of every month. It began approximately 4 years ago, and has been a wonderful opportunity for fellowship with Christ Lutheran members and friends. The purpose of the Ministry in addition to the great fellowship is to be “Fishers for Men” who do not have a relationship with Christ yet. (Mt. 4:19) “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

The team would usually meet at 8:45 AM at the Christ Lutheran Church parking lot, and then would carpool to the fishing location choice for the day. The location may be one of the bridges over the Banana or Indian rivers, at Jetty Park, on the dock behind one of our Member’s home, or we have also done well surf-casting on the beach at the old P.A.F. base officers club. We generally try to be at the beach by 8 AM when surf-casting. We even got our Pastor out on a surfboard on one occasion, and actually got to experience Pastor Greg riding 2 or 3 waves that day. We will be creating a new track to hand out to folks on the beach that will display the “Peace” (Ephesians 2:17) attained with a relationship to Christ based on the serene beach scene depicted on our Church website, along with scripture that teaches us this. WHEN WE RE-OPEN THE MINISTRY, WE WILL SUGGEST YOU COME JOIN US FOR THE FELLOWSHIP, ‘FISHING’ AND FUN!



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