Sermons 2015

2015 – List of Sermon Titles by Pastor Greg Le Sieur

12-31-15 – “How To Look at the Next Year as a Christian – New Years Eve”  Sermon is here:

12-27-15 – “Do You Receive the Kingdom of Heaven Like a Child?”  Sermon is here:

12-25-15 – “Was Jesus Truly God? – Christmas Day”  Sermon is here:

12-24-15 – “How Close is God to Us Tonight or this very Moment? – Christmas Eve”  Sermon is here:
Note: Audio mp3 was damaged, but Video works fine)

12-20-15 – “How Confident Can We be that Jesus is the Christ by His Love?”  Sermon is here:

12-16-15 – “Jesus Genealogy – God’s Plan to Save the Entire Human Race – Advent 3”  (Damaged audio) Sermon is here:

12-13-15 – “How Confident Can We be Jesus is The Christ by His Words?”  Sermon is here:

12-09-15 – “Jesus Genealogy – Is God Faithful to His Promises? – Advent 2” (Damaged audio)  Sermon is here:

12-06-15 – “How Confident Can We Be Jesus is The Christ by His Miracles?”  Sermon is here:

12-02-15 – “Jesus Genealogy – Will Jesus Even Love a Sinner Like Me? – Advent 1”  Sermon is here:

11-29-15 – “How Old Testament Prophecies Prove That Jesus is The Christ”  Sermon is here:

11-22-15 – Visiting Pastor

11-15-15 – “Who Is Your Real Master,  Your Money or Your Lord?”  Sermon is here:

11-08-15 – “What Does America Really Need?”  Sermon is here:

11-01-15 – “Will We Know each other in Heaven?”  Sermon is here:

10-25-15 – “Martin Luther Got in Trouble Over One Little Word, What was It”  Sermon is here:

10-18-15 – “How to Overcome Fear in Evangelism”  Sermon is here:

10-11-15 – “Evangelism, Do you Go, or say No, when God says Go?”  Sermon is here:

10-04-15 – “Me, an Evangelist?”  Sermon is here:

09-27-15 – “Never Look Back”  Sermon is here:

09-20-15 – “What is God Really Like?”  Sermon is here:

09-13-15 – “The Call to Endure”  Sermon is here:

09-06-15 – “Is it Possible to Lose Your Salvation?”  Sermon is here:

08-30-15 – “Revelation – Jesus’ Message to the Church in Cape Canaveral ”  Sermon is here:

08-23-15 – “Jesus’ Message to Laodicea – Revelation”  Sermon is here:

08-16-15 – “Jesus’ Message to Philadelphia – Revelation”  Sermon is here:

08-09-15 – “Jesus’ Message to Sardis – Revelation”  Sermon is here:

08-02-15 – “Jesus’ Message to Thyatira – Revelation”  Sermon is here:

07-26-15 – “Art Hansen – Sermon – How to Get Close to the Lord Jesus, and Avoid being your own Worst Enemy”

07-19-15 – “John Duda  – Testimonial”

07-12-15 – “Jesus’ Message to Pergamum, one of the 7 churches of Revelation, Do You Seek God Only?”  Sermon is here:

07-05-15 – “Jesus’ Message to Smyrna, one of the 7 churches of Revelation – Does The Lord Care When I Suffer?”  Sermon is here:

06-28-15 – “Jesus’ Message to Ephesus, one of the 7 churches of Revelation”  Sermon is here:

06-21-15 – “Do I Really Need To Go To Church?” Sermon is here:

06-14-15 – “No Sermon – Member Testimonials”

06-07-15 – “The Spirit Confirms in Us The Gospel”  Sermon is here:

05-31-15 – “Does The Holy Spirit Speak To You?”  Sermon is here:

05-24-15 – “Do You Have the Holy Spirit of God in You?”  Sermon is here:

05-17-15 – “The Ascension of The Lord Jesus”  Sermon is here:

05-10-15 – “How Does the Love of a Mother, Reflect the Love that God has for Us? – Mothers Day”  Sermon is here:

05-03-15 – “Same Sex Marriage and Homosexuality”  Sermon is here:

04-26-15 – “Are Near Death Experiences To Be Trusted?”  Sermon is here:

04-19-15 – “What happens to us after we die?”  Sermon is here:

04-12-15 – “Why was Jesus Raised?”  Sermon is here:

04-05-15 – “The Narrow Gate (Door) – Easter Sunday ”  Sermon is here:

04-03-15 – “What Do You See when you See The Cross? – Good Friday”  Sermon is here:

04-02-15 – “The Great Commandment, to Love One Another – Maundy Thursday”  Sermon is here:

03-29-15 – “How Much Was Jesus in Control of His own Crucifixion? – Palm Sunday”  Sermon is here:

03-22-15 – “Jesus vs. Satan – Comparing the Two Commanders”  Sermon is here:

03-15-15 – “How Much Authority Does the Christian Have?”  Sermon is here:

03-08-15 – “Jesus Casts Out Evil Spirits”  Sermon is here:

03-01-15 – “How To Resist and Overcome Temptation”  Sermon is here:

02-22-15 – “Do You Have the Attitude of a Soldier?”  Sermon is here:

02-15-15 – “Is It Wise To Follow Your Heart?”  Sermon is here:

02-08-15 – “Why Should I Forgive Those Who Hurt Me?”  Sermon is here:

02-01-15 – “Do You Hear Like A Wise Man?”  Sermon is here:

01-25-15 – “Do You Speak Like A Wise Man or A Fool?”  Sermon is here:

01-18-15 – “Should I Fear God or Not”  Sermon is here:

01-11-15 – “How Can I Become A Wiser Christian?”  Sermon is here:

01-04-15 – “What Can I Do For God After All He’s Done For Me?”  Sermon is here:



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