Sermons – 2022

2022 – List of Sermon Titles by Pastor Greg Le Sieur

NOTE: WEDNESDAY NIGHT BOOK OF ROMANS VIDEOS ARE POSTED NOW, TYPICALLY 3 DAYS LATER ON SATURDAY FOLLOWING.  (NOTE: Prior to Romans we did the entire books of Revelation as you will see below, from 2020 to 2021) Please visit 2020 Sermons page to view the earlier messages in this series.  2020 Sermons page here. Please visit 2021 Sermons page, to view the Book of Romans series, and/or the end of the Revelation Wednesday night series, 2021 Sermons here.

01-09-22 – “What is a Lutheran Christian?” – Sermon – Sermon is here:

01-05-22 – “The Book of Romans – Ch: 5 – Wednesday Night Series – 12th Video”  – Message is here:

01-02-22 – “The Renewal of Your Strength and Hope” – Sermon – Sermon is here:








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