Sermons 2017

2017 – List of Sermon Titles by Pastor Greg Le Sieur

12-31-17 – “What Should Be A Christian’s Pace? – New Years Eve – 7 PM”  Sermon is here:

12-31-17 – “How To Face the Future with Confidence – Morning Service”  Sermon is here:

12-25-17 – “How Was Jesus’ Birth So Unique? – Christmas Day”  Sermon is here:

12-24-17 – “How Deep is God’s Love for Us? – Christmas Eve”  Sermon is here:

12-17-17 – “What is God’s Heart Toward Lost Sinners?”  Sermon is here:

12-13-17 – “Are You Greater Than John The Baptist? – Wed. – Advent Wk-2”  Sermon is here:

12-10-17 – “The Parable of The Four Soils”  Sermon is here:

12-03-17 – “The Hunt for Buried Treasure”  Sermon is here:


11-19-17 – “What Can We Give To The God Who Has Everything?”  Sermon is here:

11-12-17 – Visiting Pastor

11-05-17 – “Stewardship”  Sermon is here:

10-29-17 – “What Are The Four Great Rocks of The Reformation?”  Sermon is here:

10-22-17 – “When Your Life Gets Old, Can God Make it New Again?”  Sermon is here:

10-15-17 – Visiting Pastor

10-08-17 – “Are Preachers Today Preaching to the People the Whole Counsel of God?”  Sermon is here:

10-01-17 – “The Secret to a Content Heart”  Sermon is here:

09-24-17 – “Judgement Day”  Sermon is here:

09-17-17 – “God in the Storm”  Sermon is here:

09-03-17 – “What Does the Bible Say About Racism?”  Sermon is here:

08-27-17 – The Parable of the Ten Pounds  Sermon is here:

08-20-17 – Do You Know and Believe the Love that God has for You?  Sermon is here:

08-13-17 – Perseverance in Prayer  Sermon is here:

08-06-17 – Does God Actually Provide a Life Plan for Each One of Us?  Sermon is here:

07-30-17 – Visiting Pastor

07-23-17 – Visiting Pastor

07-16-17 – “The Eyes of The Lord”  Sermon is here:

07-09-17 – “Are You a Hero or a Hypocrit?”  Sermon is here:

07-02-17 – “What Spirit are You Listening to, the one of the World, or The Holy Spirit?”  Sermon is here:

06-25-17 – “Jesus, the Anchor of Our Soul – The Apostles Creed”  Sermon is here:

06-18-17 – “The Apostle’s Creed – God the Father”  Sermon is here:

06-11-17 – Visiting Pastor

06-04-17 – “The Great Gift of The Holy Spirit”  Sermon is here:

05-28-17 – “How Can I Rejoice in My Sufferings? Sermon is here:

05-21-17 – “Why Does God Allow Evil to Prosper?  Sermon is here:

05-14-17 – “Why Can’t We See the Face of God?”  Sermon is here:

05-07-17 – “Will We Recognize Our Loved Ones in Heaven?”  Sermon is here:

04-30-17 – “What Happens To Us When We Die?”  Sermon is here:

04-23-17 – “Should a Christian Fear Death?”  Sermon is here:

04-16-17 – ‘Will the Dead Really Be Raised?”  Sermon is here:

04-09-17 – “What is the Cost of being a Christian? – Palm Sunday”  Sermon is here:

04-05-17 – “The Deadly Sin: Lust (Sexual) – Wed. Lent 6” Sermon is here:

04-02-17 – “How Does God Speak To Us?  Sermon is here:

03-26-17 – “Are You Confident of Your Relationship with God?”  Sermon is here:

03-19-17 – “Beware of the Namechanger”  Sermon is here:

03-12-17 – “Are You a Joyful Saint, or a Miserable Sinner?”  Sermon is here:

03-05-17 – “Your New Identity in Christ”  Sermon is here:

02-26-17 – “A Christian – Getting Older and Younger”  Sermon is here:

02-19-17 – “Where is Your Hope, the Good Olde Days of Past, or the Day of the Lord?”  Sermon is here:

02-12-17 – “A Christian Response to Political Correctness”  Sermon is here:

02-05-17 – “God’s Immigration Policy”  Sermon is here:

01-29-17 – “The God of Encouragement”  Sermon is here:

01-22-17 – “Forward Ho! – Evangelism ”  Sermon is here:

01-15-17 – “Powerful Prayer”  Sermon is here:

01-08-17 – “The Weapon of the Word (Sword of the Spirit)”  Sermon is here:

01-01-17 – “Life Outside Fort Comfort – New Years Day”  Sermon is here:







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