Islam – Isaac and Ishmael – Sermon – February 10 2008

Islam – Isaac and Ishmael – Sermon – February 10 2008

Why are we thankful that we are Christian and not a Muslim?  Does the Holy Bible have a greater foundation in truth than the Holy Koran?  How is a Christian Man commanded to treat his wife, and how is  Muslim Man commanded to treat his?  How was the Religion of Islam created?  How many Prophet’s came from within Islam, to confirm and create a foundation  within Islam?

Listen for these questions and answers about Islam – Isaac & Ishmael below in the 1-part MP3 Audio Sermon below.

Scriptures below from the church bulletin used in the Sermon:

Genesis 16:1-4, 6b-16, Galatians 4:21-31, John 8:21-36

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MP3 Player - Islam – Isaac and Ishmael – Sermon – February 10 2008


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