Renewing Your Faith – The Word – Sermon – July 24 2011

Renewing Your Faith – The Word – Sermon – July 24 2011

How can I renew my life?   Is there anything I can do, to enable the renewal of my life?  Why do we need to renew our Faith on a regular basis?  Can something happen, and cause to drift, or grow dim in our Faith?  Once we have been saved in Salvation, do we need to repent anymore?  I have heard that Billy Graham has stated something to the effect that a person did not have to believe or even know the name of Jesus Christ to be saved, for if all they had available to them was the Muslim religion or Hinduism, or Buddhism and believed with all their heart that it was true, then God would save them without their knowing anything about Christ–not even His name.  Is this true?  Was this the result of a TV interview of Billy Graham  by Robert Schuller on his show that aired May 31, 1997?  What can we do, to prevent from falling away into condemnation as what would happen to Billy Graham if he did not repent to this great Sin?  Did Billy Graham lose his Salvation?

Listen for these questions and answers about “Renewing Your Faith – The Word”, below in the 1-part MP3 Audio Sermon below.

Scriptures below from the church bulletin used in the Sermon:

Psalm 138,  Isaiah 50: 2-8a,  Phillippians 2: 12-18,  Matthew 15: 21-31

Keywords:  weak faith, conviction, strong prayer, belief, strong belief, Billy Graham lost his belief that Christ is the only door the only way to Salvation, Modern day Saints falling from Grace, losing Salvation, damnation, sin, lose your salvation


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