The Water of Life – Sermon – May 02 2010

05-02-10-Two-Deer-Drinking-Water-and-quote-from-IsaiahThe Water of Life – Sermon – May 02 2010

Questions that will be answered in the Sermon:

Jesus claims to be able to give living water to whomever He will.  What kind of Water does he mean?  What does this water do?

How do we thirst in spirit and in heart?

Listen for these questions and answers about for The Water of Life , in one-part MP3 Audio Sermon below.

Scriptures will be below from the church bulletin used in the Sermon:

Psalm 42,  Isaiah 55: 1-7,  Revelation 22: 1-5, 17,  John 7: 37-44

Keywords:  Jesus and the Smaritan woman at the well, John 4: 3-25, Ways people try to fill this thirst: alcohol, adrenaline-rock climbers, base jumpers thrill seekers, businessmen seeking money, accounts, bigger toys bigger bank accounts, sexual exploits, yoga, therapy, counseling, a hobby, doing good deeds, Isaiah 55: 1-4,



MP3 Player - The Water of Life - Sermon - May 02 2010


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