Are You Free From Guilt and Shame? – Sermon – July 13 2014

Christ holding up the chin of a Woman praying imageAre You Free From Guilt and Shame? – Sermon – July 13 2014

Questions that will be answered in the Sermon:

Should a Christian still have a deep sense of guilt and shame in his or her life?  Should we carry that around with us?

How can we get rid of guilt and shame?  How can we be free from guilt and shame?  Adam and Eve experienced Guilt and Shame, why?  What is the purpose of guilt that God provides?  What is the use of shame that God provides?

Do you acknowledge this good use of guilt and shame in your life?  What mistake do Seeker Sensitive Pastors make, regarding their neglect to teach about the purpose of Guilt and Shame?  What then is the problem God has with the world, in regards to Guilt and Shame and how many people do not use it and learn from it?   How do Seeker Sensitive Pastors fail in the eyes of God, and cause danger not only for their Congregations but also for themselves as a Pastor?  Why then do so may Christians still feel guilt and shame over our former sins even after we’ve repented and believed in Christ and now walk with Him?

Listen for these questions and answers about  Are You Free From Guilt and Shame? , in the one-part Video or one-part MP3 Audio Sermon below.

Scriptures will be below from the church bulletin used in the Sermon:

Psalm 32,  2 Samuel 12: 7-15,  1 Timothy 1: 8-17,  John 8: 2-12

Keywords:     Adam and Eve, David King of Israel and guilt, Peter felt guilt and shame, Judas Iscariot felt guilt and shame and committed suicide, Universalist Unitarian , Harvard Divinity School Grad Illustration on an airplane with Pastor,  very liberal seminary is Harvard Divinity School,  Miley Cyrus and twerking on MTV Music Video Awards and the publics comments and final stamp of approval,  Woman caught in adultery by the scribes and the Pharisees and Jesus Christ story,  the Devil fights to rob you of your joy,  How to be free from guilt and shame, Freedom from guilt and shame, how to get free from guilt and shamesermon-divider1


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