Christian Marriage – A Cord of Three Strands – Sermon – January 13 2008

Christian Marriage – A Cord of Three Strands – Sermon – January 13 2008

Why is Christian Marriage so Important?  Why should husband and wife should be subject to each other out of reverence to Christ?  How is a Christian Man different from a Christian Woman?  How do Men and Women think differently?

Listen for these questions and answers about Christian Marriage below in the 1-part MP3 Audio Sermon below. 

Scriptures below from the church bulletin used in the Sermon:

Isaiah 62:1-5, 10-12, Ephesians 5:22-23, John 2:1-11

Keywords: Christian Marriage, Divorce, Love, Cherish, Respect, love and obey, submit, compassionate and true, joys and strife, foundation of community, family is the foundation of the church, two become one flesh, husbands love your wives, wife, wives respect your husband, Camelot, pink for women woman, blue for men man, wives be subject to your husband, a wife is subject to her husband as the church is subject to Christ, three rings to every marriage by charles swindoll chuck engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering, men man and women woman speak two different languages, 5 love languages, men are from mars women are from venus, books on marriage, woman is the cheerleader


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