The Bronze Serpent – Sermon – April 15 2012

The Bronze Serpent – Sermon – April 15 2012

Serpents generally get a bad rap in the Bible.  They symbolize evil and sin.  So why did God choose a snake to be made of brass to be put on a pole to…save the people?  Why did God have Moses do this?  Did God give us this story to confirm us in our faith in Jesus Christ?  How does the Serpent symbolize Christ?

Listen for these questions and answers about “The Bronze Serpent”, below in the 1-part MP3 Audio Sermon below.

Scriptures below from the church bulletin used in the Sermon:

Psalm 145: 1 – 2, 6 – 21, Numbers 21: 4 – 9, 1 Peter 1: 3 – 9, John 3: 5 – 18

Keywords: foreshadowing of Christ in the Old Testament, story of the Bronze Serpent, the Brass or Bronze Snake made by Moses,


MP3 Player - The Bronze Serpent - Sermon - April 15 2012


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