Give Thanks To Whom – Thanksgiving – Sermon – November 25 2010

Give Thanks To Whom ? – Thanksgiving – Sermon – November 25 2010

Is Thanksgiving the 2nd most popular holiday because Americans love to give thanks or becaue they love turkeys, pumpkin pie and football?  How about you?  What do you love about this holiday?  On November 2009 Thanksgiving, Newt Gingrich wrote an article titled, “To Whom Do We Give Thanks?” In it he asks basically – do we thank our lucky stars…or do we thank the God of all who has blessed this great country with liberty, freedom, and every blessing?  If it very easy to forget God’s blessings isn’t it, regarding our food provided us, our health, a life in safety, and easy to live our lives without returning Him thanks, isn’t it?

Listen for these questions and answers about “Give Thanks To Whom ? – Thanksgiving”, in the 1-part MP3 Audio Sermon below.

Scriptures below from the church bulletin used in the Sermon:

Psalm 67,  1 Chronicles 16: 1-7,  Ephesians 4: 25-5:4,  Luke 17: 11-19

Keywords: no separation of church and state, thanking God, blessing God,  Abraham Lincoln, Pilgrims, William Bradford, Miles Standish, Pastor John Robinson, Plymouth , Massachusetts, the Simpsons and thanks for nothing, Bart Simpson, football games, peace on earth, one nation under God, Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, U.S. Constitution, a National Holiday, Patriotic Sermon


MP3 Player - Give Thanks To Whom ? – Thanksgiving - Sermon - November 25 2010


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