Healing From Black Arrows-Words-January-06-2013

Healing From Black Arrows-Words- Sermon – January-06-2013

Words are Powerful! Do you ever think about the words in your life, words that you say, and words that other’s say, the one’s that hurt?

Remember the times in your life when someone plucked up your spirit by good words?

Remember the times in your life when someone spoke hurful words to you – especially a father, mother, someone close to you, like “You’ll never amount to anything” ?   Or, you’re a Failure?

How can we learn to heal from black arrows?

Listen for these questions and answers about Healing From Black Arrows below in the 2-part Video or 1-part MP3 Audio Sermon below.

Some of the Scriptures from the church bulletin used in the Sermon are listed below:

Psalm 36, Isaiah 60:1-6, Ephesians 3:1-12, Matthew 2:1-12

Keywords: white arrows, good words, nice words, bad words, words of poison, words that tear down, words that destroy, cruelty, cruel words, melting heart, falling courage, arrow’s poison, lies, deception, deceitfulness, harmful, hurtful words, angry words, mean words, harsh words




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